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Natural Scenarios

Full day fishing excursion

We start by picking up our customers from their accommodation, and from there we travel to a fishing location previously agreed upon. We have first-class 4 × 4 vehicles and rowing boats, with platforms specially designed for this activity. During the day we travel for fishing, either to a lake or river, and are immersed in beautiful natural scenery fishing the pristine waters that bathe our region. At noon, we will make a stop on the shore to enjoy a tasty river lunch and then continue float fishing until arriving at our end destination. From there we will return to the place of origin having spent an unforgettable day.

Our service includes:
Transportation (to and from where you stay); guides and boats authorized by Prefectura Naval Argentina and Nahuel Huapi National Park with corresponding insurance; full catering on the shore of our fishing location that includes: appetizer, lunch, drinks with and without alcohol, dessert and snacks for the afternoon. OPTIONAL: fishing gear.

Half Day Fishing Tour

When picking up our customers from their accommodation, we travel to our fishing spot already agreed upon. This is an ideal option for those who have little time available or simply wish to have a shorter fishing journey.

Our service includes:
Transfer (from and to customer’s accommodation), Guides and boats authorized by Prefectura Naval Argentina and Nahuel Huapi National Park with corresponding insurance, drinks and snacks. OPTIONAL: fishing gear.

Pesca Andando Ríos | Limay River

Limay River

This river is born in Lake Nahuel Huapi, with approximately 60 km in length between its source to the confluence with the traful river can be strategically divided for fishing in 4 sections. The predominant species in the river are rainbow trout and brown trout although in smaller quantities, there have been cases of catching trout fontinalis and salmon enclosed. We can certainly say that "El Limay" is a river where you can do a fine fishing with nymphs or do a search for migratory with heavy equipment and large flies. Here a beginner can make his first weapons by taking small and medium trout, or in which an experienced fisherman can challenge himself looking for a great trophy. It is the ideal river to fish it by floating it by rowing since in this way we can access places and situations that otherwise we would not.

Pesca Andando Ríos | Rivers of Estepa

Rivers of Estepa

In the area we have a great variety of streams and rivers of steppe, of small size but very productive biologically since they are born of mallines and thaw. The coasts, in their great majority are free of vegetation reason why almost all its route is an invitation to fish with different techniques. Very easy to wade that conjugated to the abundant population of salmonids in constant activity, qualify it as one of the most suitable environments, both for beginners and for the use of light elements. The trout that we will find in these environments are of small to medium size, with the rainbow trout predominating.
A fishing paradise for the lovers of the light and long teams leaders with nymphs and dry.
If we add to the fascinating fishing of these rivers the beauty and the wildness of the environment, then we have a perfect excursion.

Pesca Andando Ríos | Hess Lake

Hess Lake

Guarded by the thundering mountain and fed by the gentle river, we find Lake Hess. This medium and productive lake, of glacial origin, has a shape similar to a clover and is clearly divided into two different sectors: the lake and its channels.Like Most of the lakes in this region are surrounded by dense native forests of Coihues, Ñires and almost entirely by reeds so thick that they make coastal attempts difficult. Regarding fishing, rainbow trout abound, followed by fontinalis and browns of 500 gr. and 1.5 kg.The regulation of this lake prohibits the use of motor boats, so the navigation and fishing is done with rowing boats through the best points that keep their still waters.

Pesca Andando Ríos | Los Moscos Lake and Manso River

Los Moscos Lake and Manso River

This small lake, framed between large ravines, is formed by the Manso River. It is fed by several falls in whose mouths are located large amount of salmonids, which can exceed 1-1.5 kg in weight. Going down the Manso River a couple of kilometers we reach a small lake known as La Media Luna, a large curve full of reeds with a small island and like all the basin is inhabited by very good rainbow trout, Brown and Fontinalis.Floating this entire section with a rowing boat through its bays, low bays and reed beds makes fishing really beautiful and our possibilities multiply.

Pesca Andando Ríos | Lago Fonck

Lago Fonck

El Lago Fonck, perteneciente a la cuenca del rio manso, tiene una superficie aproximada de 482 hectáreas y se encuentra completamente rodeado por el Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. El lago proporciona una imagen única y desde el cuál se puede contemplar el imponente cerro Tronador, ubicado a tan solo 15 km.
Lo habitan tres especies de truchas: arco iris, marrón y fontinalis siendo el tamaño de las mismas muy bueno y su pesca dinámica , ya sea desde la embarcación o vadeando desde la orilla alguno de los arrollos q desembocan en el lago. Simplemente es una pesca muy agradable y divertida que hace que su día se pase sin darte cuenta.

Andando Ríos | Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Patagonia

A new season begins and we are ready to accompany and share our experience with both seasoned fishermen and those who want to take their first steps. Floating a river, a lake or walking a small steppe river our mission is that you take a pleasant memory, not only of fishing, but also of everything that this beautiful activity encloses.

Note: We strongly believe in sustainable fishing and for that reason, we practice exclusively fishing with return.
Our rates do not include fishing licenses, but we will gladly help you process it.

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